Beauty Disrupter 7E Wellness Unveils New Product Offering

Natasha Green
3 min readAug 26, 2021

As a consumer, the beauty space can be a difficult industry to navigate. It’s rife with too-good-to-be-true claims and overly complex language that always promises instant results. So when you come across a company that can clearly explain their science and show tangible, consistent results, you tend to perk up and take notice. 7E Wellness is one of those companies. Since their launch in 2008, they have pioneered the microcurrent technology sector, which offers users facelift-esque results at home and without the need for an invasive procedure.

Pooja Johari, the company’s founder, said that this results-oriented approach was the goal from the beginning. “We knew that we had an incredible series of devices to offer,” she said from the company’s expo booth at The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa conference in Long Beach, CA. “I wanted to ensure that we could plainly show the impact that they had on the user. These before and afters aren’t airbrushed, edited or adjusted in any way — they’re raw by design because the end result speaks for itself.” 7E Wellness’ flagship product line is the MyoLift series, which comes in several iterations. The MyoLift QT is a mobile, on-the-go unit, MyoLift Mini is meant for at-home use, and MyoLift 600 and MD are their esthetician-grade devices; all are powered by True Microcurrent Technology and can be used by customers or professionals alike.

The company is adding another staple to their home care arsenal: their Korean Restorative Sheet Mask. Using their collective expertise, this product was hand-picked by Pooja and her team to work in tandem with their device line. Korean beauty products are known for having innovative formulas and gentle yet highly effective ingredients, and the 7E team used this as the inspiration behind this hands-free skin restoration solution. “I could not be more excited about our sheet mask launch,” she said, “We created this to be the best product possible, especially for people using it as a compliment to their MyoLift. It’s designed to reach all layers of the skin for optimal healing, soothing and retexturizing. This helps alleviate dark spots and fine lines, while improving texture and firmness. It’s also an intensive plumping treatment, which brightens, firms and restores. Simply put, it helps your skin inside and out.”

After overwhelming demand from their community, 7E Wellness launched their sheet mask just a few days ago. Based on customer feedback, it is expected to rapidly become a favorite of new and legacy users alike. The ingredients they have chosen are at the core of what makes this product so effective. “Like anything, efficacy is determined by what powers it,” Pooja explains, “and, in my opinion, we chose three of the most important ingredients. Epidermal Growth Factor to restore damaged skin, ginkgo biloba extract for its anti-aging antioxidants, and sodium hyaluronate to increase hydration. This trifecta, especially when mixed with a MyoLift treatment, is truly a game changer, and I’m so proud of our team for getting it exactly right.”

7E Sheet Mask — YouTube

As Pooja and her team ramp up their campaign for this new marquee product, she continues to go back to the core tenants she had in 2008, all of which have made 7E Wellness such a resounding success. “My goal with this company was to help our customers feel their best in their own skin,” she says, “You shouldn’t have to have to go to extreme measures to get incredible results that make you feel more confident and beautiful. I’m ecstatic that True Microcurrent Technology has helped so many people make that a reality, and excited that we have yet another incredible tool at our disposal in our Restorative Sheet Mask.”

For the launch of their new product, 7E Wellness is offering several discounts to new and existing customers. More information can be found here or at